Protective Finishes – Armor




The perfect protective finish is finally here! Now you can blend the beauty and luster of labor-intensive wax, with the ease of simple brush-on satin varnish in one perfect, non-yellowing, product. Armor is Moxie Paints’ exclusive, groundbreaking, formula, that not only seals your furniture, but also helps purify the air you breathe.

Our unique finish goes beyond VOC free. It’s the only finish of its kind to actually absorb and neutralize existing VOC’s and chemicals from the air… and, it continues to work for as much as five years after initial application without being reapplied. For even more versatility, Armor can also be tinted with any of our paints. It’s so easy to use you’ll wonder how you ever used anything else!

Directions for Use: Moxie Armor can be applied with a brush over any clean, dry painted or stained surface. Stir thoroughly before use and let fully dry in between coats. Use 2-3 coats for maximum durability on high traffic areas such as tabletops. Allow 7 days to fully cure before heavy use. Cleans up easily with soap and water. Store between 55-90 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not ingest.

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8 oz., 16 oz.