Moxie Paints Stains

Moxie Stains deliver just what you’d expect from a company that puts your health first. Each of our 9 rich, beautiful shades are non-toxic, VOC free and environmentally friendly. But, unlike solvent-based stains that contain noxious fumes, our stains can be applied without fear of off gassing, allergic reactions, or even harsh odors. Our stains make it easy to enhance the natural beauty of all your wood projects, without every risking your health and well-being.

Directions for Use: Moxie Stain can be used over any clean, dry wood surface that has been prepared for normal staining. Depending on the type of wood and project to be stained, preparation may include stripping, sanding or sealing. Make sure to remove all dust before staining. For best results, and maximum color absorption, stir stain thoroughly and apply evenly, in the direction of the grain, with a brush or rag. Let dry. Apply as many coats as desired, to achieve maximum color depth, allowing stain to fully dry in between coats. Stain does not need to be wiped off. Lightly sand with steel wool in between coats for smoothest finish. Use Moxie finishing products for maximum durability. Let cure 3-7 days before heavy use. Cleans up easily with soap and water. Store between 55-90 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not ingest.

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