Using Moxie Products


Q:        How should I prepare my piece before using Moxie Paints?

A:         Moxie has been formulated as a “no-prep” furniture paint. But like all successful projects, a little preparation creates the best final result.  We recommend removing all hardware and fixing any imperfections before getting started. Next, clean your piece, from top to bottom, with a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water. If you find any sticky areas, try using a little hot water and dish detergent.

Q:        Can I use Moxie Paints over a previously waxed surface?

A:         It’s possible in some instances. However, we recommend removing wax finishes with denatured alcohol before painting, for the best adhesion.


Q:        How do I prevent the possibility of stain bleed-through before I begin painting?

A:         Older pieces are particularly susceptible to bleed-through because of the tannins commonly used in the 1950’s and before. For that reason, we always recommend checking an area for bleed-through before painting an entire piece. Many painters recommend using spray shellac or an oil-based primer, before painting, to solve the problem of bleed-through.

Unfortunately, many of the products that are successful in blocking tannins also contain harmful VOC’s. If you choose to use these products, we highly recommend using our Moxie Armor after painting, which will effectively block the VOC’s from off-gassing into your home.

We are also excited to announce the upcoming release of our VOC-free sealer, Moxie Block, which preemptively blocks both tannins and bleed through.  We’ll be releasing it in February 2016.


Q:        Do I need a special paintbrush to use Moxie Paints?

A:         No. We do recommend using a quality synthetic paintbrush in a price range you can afford. The higher the quality, the fewer bristles you’ll lose and the more paint will be held sufficiently in your brush for even distribution on your piece.


Q:        Do I need to sand my piece before painting?

A:         Not usually. Sanding is not required for adhesion on most pieces. But a very light sanding on a particularly shiny piece will help give it more teeth. You might also consider a little sanding on any rough or bumpy areas for the best final result.  Remember to always use a mask when sanding.


Q:        Do I need to prime my piece before painting?

A:         Not usually. Our chalk finish will adhere to most surfaces without priming. But, no matter the brand, using a primer always cuts down on the amount of paint you’ll use. Evaluate the situation to see if a primer is the most cost effective way to paint your product. With any whites, sometimes a VOC-free primer makes good economical sense.


Q:        Can I spray your paint from a paint sprayer?

A:         Yes. Follow the directions on your sprayer for the appropriate viscosity and thin with water as needed.


Q:        Should I use a protective finish after painting?

A:         A protective finish is not required for a piece that will have extremely light use, such as a picture frame. But a protective finish is always recommended for moderate to heavy use.


Q:        How do I clean my painted furniture?

A:         In most cases, you can clean your painted furniture with a damp cloth.  For extra cleaning try a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water.


Product Specifics


Q:        Are Moxie products safe for children’s furniture?

A:         Yes. Our products are made from the safest materials possible, and with no hazardous chemicals. They also comply with the most rigorous safety standards and, in the case of our Armor, actually purify the air. However, like all paint products, Moxie Paints should not be ingested and should be kept out of the reach of children unless supervised.


Q:        What is the cure time for your paint?

A:         Our paint dries to the touch fairly quickly and is usually ready for a second coat within an hour. But paint curing is always based on temperature and humidity. We always recommend waiting 3-7 days before heavy use to allow for proper curing, and ask that you give extra time during a particularly humid week.


Q:        What is the coverage of your paint?

A:         Our chalk finish covers an average of 150-200 square feet per quart. Our metallic finish covers an average of 200-300 square feet per quart. These amounts will fluctuate depending upon color, number of coats and application technique.


Q:        Is Armor like polyurethane or wax?

A:         Armor is truly the best of both worlds. It brushes on easily just like poly, but it doesn’t yellow over time the way poly does. Since there is actually wax in the formula, it gives the finished look of wax, but doesn’t require the rubbing and buffing or the reapplication that wax requires. Best of all, Armor does something that neither wax nor poly does… it actually absorbs VOC’s from the room. Armor is everything you could hope for in a protective finish and more!


Q:        What is the difference between Moxie Armor and Moxie Varnish?

A:         Moxie Armor is made with wax, which contributes to its matte finish. It is also formulated to absorb existing VOC’s. Varnish comes in both Satin and High Gloss sheens and is VOC free, but doesn’t have the extra benefit of actually absorbing VOC’s from the air.


Q:        Are Moxie products compatible with other brands of paint?

A:         Yes. Moxie is compatible with most paint products. However, we recommend always doing a test area to determine any unforeseen compatibility issues.


Q:        Is Moxie Paints required to post an MSDS/SDS?

A:         No.  Moxie Paints are created from non-toxic, non-hazardous, environmentally safe ingredients.

“OSHA requires MSDS’s ONLY for materials that a) meet OSHA’s definition of hazardous and b) are ‘known to be present in the workplace in such a manner that employees may be exposed under normal conditions of use or in a foreseeable emergency.'”   Click for more information.


Odds & Ends


Q:        I have a favorite paint color from another chalk line. Could you help me pick a similar color from your line? 

A:         Yes. Email us at info@moxiepaints.com with the name of the paint color and the manufacturer. We’ll respond with the name of a similar Moxie color that you might like. If we aren’t familiar with it, we may request that you paint the color onto a 3×5 notecard and send it to us. We’ll do our best to direct you to the closest match.


Paint Tips

  • Pour your paint into a separate container rather than painting directly out of the can. It keeps the paint fresher longer.
  • Clean the lid and the sides of the container before closing, for easier reopening.
  • Try using a flat paintbrush rather than a round one, for fewer brush strokes.
  • Place your project on top of Painter’s Pyramids to create the cleanest paint edges.
  • Try long paint strokes rather than short ones for the smoothest finish.


If you have any questions not addressed here, please feel free to contact us at info@moxiepaints.com and we will try our best to find you answers!