As a husband and wife team, Moxie is more than just our business, it’s our mutual passion, compelling us to get out of bed every morning and stay up a little too late every night. It’s our goal to bring honesty, integrity and genuine concern for our customers into everything we do.



Meet Ally, the CEO and owner of Moxie Paints. Ally is obsessed with furniture, design, and re-loving old and forgotten items back to life.

She loves road trips, Scrabble and staying up way too late. Don’t be surprised if she returns your email at 4 a.m.

When she’s not working on a project for Moxie, you can find her hanging out with one of her five kids or looking for any excuse to avoid cooking. Her favorite invention of all time… yoga pants.



Meet Shane, the Logistical Engineer and shipping coordinator for Moxie Paints.

When he’s not organizing inventory or shipping orders, he stays busy script writing and finding new ways to eat Nutella.

Originally from Ireland, he still needs an occasional translator for phrases like, “What’s the craic,” but we’ve yet to hear him say “begorrah,”… even on St. Paddy’s Day.



Meet Sam, the self proclaimed VP of Moxie Paints.

He’s a huge part of the Five Off Foundation, and the kid in the family most likely to take over Moxie someday.

When he’s not busy organizing products, or helping with social media he can be found running cross country, participating in quiz bowl or plotting new ways to reduce school to a 5 hour day.